Love Locks


Looking for a romantic, near-free, slightly rebellious night out with your honey...  It starts with a trip to the hardware store.  Pick out a shiny padlock and key, take it home and with a sharpie write you and your sweetheart's initials on it (don't forget the '+' sign).  Take a stroll together to the nearest bridge (heck, every town has one - even those that lack water) and attach your lock to it symbolizing your everlasting love.  Some lovers even go as far as tossing the keys into the water but maybe for the environment's sake, you should just conveniently misplace the keys in some junk drawer.  Even better than going local, why not visit one of the places around the globe where this tradition takes over stretches of waterway jumps (to the dismay of some authorities and locals)!  One of the most famous sites is the Pont de l'Archevêché or the Pont des Arts, both bridges in Paris, France over the Seine River.  May make for a fun honeymoon vandal for love, you.

Pont de l'Archevêché, France

Pont de l'Archevêché, France

Pont de Arts, France


Huangshan, China


Ponte Milvio, Italy


Bryggebroen, Denmark


(Lockerpartners love locks.  Haha.  Get it?  Nerds.)

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