Music in Your Wedding Video

Wondering how we pick the music in your wedding video? Or why you’re not hearing pop favorites in any of the wedding videos on our website? As is true in the commercial world, any music we utilize to create your wedding video highlights must be properly licensed for use online and to “release” digitally or on DVD. To keep our company and most importantly YOU safe from any copyright infringement we have searched the handful of resources with inventories of musical artists allowing their music’s usage in wedding films and landed on a couple favorites. At present, we curate tunes from two main music license providers online – SongFreedom and MusicBed. Check out the Mix Tapes we’ve compiled on each site that we pull from during the wedding highlights video’s scoring selection process: SongFreedom Mix Tape and MusicBed Wedding Library. We also encourage couples to explore on their own and send selections our way! And the fees we pay for licensing through these selected websites are rolled into the package pricing. As wedding film licensing becomes more musician (and wedding cinematographer) friendly, we are continuously devoted to exploring other music licensing avenues in order to compile the greatest variety of music to fit the diverse tastes of our clients.
Still want that pop song in your video? Heck, if you’re willing to dole out the extra fees, we encourage you to write the licensing agent for the artist and see what can be worked out. You never know!

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