Urvashi + Varun – Traditional Indian Wedding

Urvashi + Varun - Traditional Indian Wedding

Early in our wedding cinematography careers (back when it was more commonly referred to as plain ol' videography), we filmed an Indian-Mexican fusion wedding which included a Hindu ceremony and, hands down, the most elaborate Mexican money dance we've ever witnessed. I'm serious. At one point, the groom was wearing not only a chain of flower shaped money around his neck - he wore bills fashioned into eyeglasses! Wearable origami aside, the pageantry and colorful garb of a traditional Indian wedding ceremony made the day especially captivating to film. This past season, Urvashi & Varun allowed us to share in their big day - traditional Hindu and Sikh ceremonies in a light filled room made even brighter by the presence of the warmth of family and friends. But before the ceremonies began, we experienced our first Baraat - where the groom processes to the ceremony site on a horse accompanied by his family and friends dancing and singing to music and drums. Starting the day's events with this joyous movement - guests greeting each other with full body embraces & wide smiles, dancing jubilantly as they escort the groom to meet his bride's family - is a beautiful way to begin the celebration of marriage. Here is a peek into the wedding day of Urvashi & Varun.

Urvashi + Varun {Traditional Indian Wedding in Denver} from LockerPartners on Vimeo.

Denver Wedding Video by Lockerpartners Love Cinematography
Venue: Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center
Photographer: Amy Caroline
Event Coordinator: Table 6 Productions

Music: "Foreign Fields" by Seryn, "Rings Around the Sun" by Bradford Nyght, "Nokomis" by Bearclaw - Licensed through MusicBed

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